Southwestern Stuffing

ultimate thanksgiving contest stuffing recipe
fl2n2£mpfom >> it’s optional. we really enjoy it. >> great substitution for people who can’t stand cilantro. just italian parsely, you’ll still get nice flavor, freshen it up. you won’t get that cilantro taste. my husband and i love it. i’m all about it. deb, on the other hand, has anti-cilantro gene. 2 eggs? >> 2 eggs. >> you can wash your hands. i’ll put this together. >> thank you. >> not going to be a good thanksgiving if you don’t get messy, right. i can smell that cilantro. we have a nice, big greased dish. load it on and ready to go. i’m thinking, besides thanksgiving, this would be good with so many different recipes. >> this is a meal in itself. >> that’s what i was thinking. a little cheese on top. like monterey jack, nice big batch. this would be great with grilled chicken. i’m talking myself into making stuffing more often today. it’s so darn good. now a quick bake on this?



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