Southwestern Grilled Shrimp

We’re cooking Southwestern Grilled Shrimp With Chef Eric Post from Cedars Steakhouse at Foxwoods Resort Casino.
>> thanks, melissa. let’s head over to thead kitchen with patrick little. >> we’re with folks at cedar steakhouse atst foxwoods, first st time on thee show, welcome to the show, nice to meet you and we have a shrimp dish this morning that you’re going to prepare for p us and tell us about thehe ingredients.ie >> southwestern grilled shrimpim with a chipotle limeim vinaigrette, and weree have aa roasted cornd and black bean salsa that goes wa ith it, and we w usually put that right into a tortilla shell. >> you put the — others, i get it, it’s like a taco. >> yeah. >> what do you prepare the shrimp, what’s in that, to season it, i guess? >> oh, whole list of ingredients, includingdi cumin, coriander, black pepper. >> is this a wa arm taco, a, salad dtype o f a dish. >> the cornor itself is served chilled and the shrimp is hot. >> down at cedar steakhouse, this i s one of tthhes moreor po



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