SoNo Baking Company

Making apple tatin with the SoNo Baking Company.
the author of the fourth company, coming book, i should say, the “sono baking” cookbook, we have john here, thanks for being here. les pick this up again. what are we making? >> we’re making, it’s a classic french dessert called aple tata-tan. it’s an upside down apple we put sugar in the pan, which we are making here, and a little pat of butter and the apples and then a piece of pastry. we, in my cookbook, make the classic french dough, or you can buy the pastry from, from the frozen section of the supermarket or pie dough, if you want to cut corners farther, and this dough, you can make in big batches, and wrap itp and put it in the freezer and it lasts for three or four months. >> this is a recipe that you learned at le cordon blew cookin >> yes,it to see a friend of my and while she was working i took lessons and this is one of those recipes that they taught. >> ok. >> all right. thi



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