Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches

Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches
on our facebook and pick buchan get your comments on our facebook and pat — if you can get your comments on our facebook and page. >> we are going to shut bob. >> they will live by it. >> — they will not bite. >> that are kind of slimy. it weirds us out a little bit. you say it will make it in a way that — >> kind of disguises it for you. the soft shell crabs is unique to this area. it goes through eight malting. they mauled the hard shell once a year. when they lose the hard shell, their soft for a period of time. that is right now between now and august. this is a unique process, unique to this area. >> we have a lot of ingredients. >> we have the soft shell crabs. we’re led to do the a wash. that will be paid and the milk. — that will be the egg and milk. this will be our sauce. we’ll call it chesapeake. from that point, in the next segment, we will cook it. it does not take much



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