Soda Lovers Like The Real Thing

Soda lovers are willing to spend money and calories to get the real thing, and soft drink companies are responding with more products made with real sugar.
goldberg has the sweet new trend. trend. “oh you will see a lot of people reading labels here.”but most of these people aren’t checking calories or fat grams. they’re looking for —get this—real, actual sugar. sugar.tony font, the soda gallery: i have a lot of customers that will come in and only buy products that are sweetened with sugars.”tony font, owner of the soda gallery in dallas’ bishop arts district, says he’s seeing a resurgence of real sugar sodas. sodas.tina moore, soda lover: “it tastes way different when it has real sugar.”soda lovers like tina moore turn their noses up at soft drinks made with artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.”i don’t like the way that fake sugar leaves the taste in your mouth.”pepsi’s paying attention.”more of the manufacturers are putting on their label really big that it’s made with real sugar.”this summer the company introduced two



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