Society Of St. Vincent De Paul

Anne and Joane talk about the event Strawberry Tea to benefit the food pantry.
>> well, it is coming up this month and it is joan that is here and it is good to see. let’s start with the society. what are you? >> we are an organization a group of volunteers who work with the parishes and they work with food, clothing, things like that and they help supported with fundraisers and administrative duties. >> we are sitting here because of a funds razor. do you care to talk about the strawberry tea? >> we’re sitting here talking about the fundraisor. >> sure. it is dupaul to benefit the food pantry which last year served thousands of people. the food panelry has been around since 1938, excuse me, 1998. and we have volunteers to wake it happen and we have volunteers hosting tea tables at the strawberry tea and there will be all sorts of themes an we have fun ones like beach parties up to mother’s day. as you come you’ll be served some refreshments a wonderful dessert. i



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