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Taryn Payge, our go-to girl for anything online, is here to fill you in on everything you need to know about social media. Questions about your online habits? Taryn has the answers!
>>> halloween is a great time of year to plan a party and maybe you’ve already got a big bash in the works but did you ever stop to think that you could make your planning a little less stressful just by hopping online? >> here to tell us how to plan a soiree is container our social media enthusiasts. >> happy halloween. >> so social media, we know it can be helpful in every day life. halloween is right around the corner. how can we use it to plan a party? >> this is why i like social media, there’s something out there for everybody, i picked two of my favorite things which is parties and halloween and combine them with social media to plan a party. >> you do love halloween. >> i’ve been planning since april. no joke. there are great websites. i’ve pulled up celebrations.com. it’s a great party website. it’s got everything from expert advice to cheap decorations, theme ideas, anything yo



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