Soaring Wings Vineyard

Jim and Sharon from Soaring Wings Vineyard bring in wine gifts and giftbaskets!
>> mike: it started as a dream, now, their wines are competing with others. >> mary: soaring wings vineyard, is embracing the holiday season, with gifts perfect for giving. >> mike: or keeping for yourself. how are you? >> how are you? >> mike: we’ll talk about holiday gifts. there’s a lot of cool things. but, how do you give the gift of wine for the holidays? >> coming in and purchasing it. we can gift — you can give us an amount. and fit our gift basket into that amount. as elabo”borat” or small. >> mary: you have some nice holiday specials. >> we do. if you buy a case or more, 15% off and, we’re also offering a gift certificate for tasting for two, to be used at a later date, and if you buy 6-1 bottles you get 10% off and tasting. >> mike: it is fun. it is an experience. >> it is. >> you can explore all the different wines we have. >> mary: love that. let’s start with some of the ite



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