Snowbird did not send us the recipe for today so watch the segment for the instructions.
>> welcome back to “good things utah”. we are in the kitchen now with george and he is from the restaurants up there at snow bird. welcome back to the show. >> welcome. >> we were saying, of course, the game coming up. there are lots of different things, maybe you are tailgating, that you can make and bring and people say, wow, that’s different. >> today i have bravarian meat lad. it’s a cold salad, it goes with our october fest concept going on right now at snow bird for a few more weeks. and also something great to bring to the game tomorrow as an alternative to the same old potatoe salad, cold slaw, let’s bring something new, people haven’t had before. >> on the daily dish, george showed us how to put together a sauerkraut that had amazing flavor. october fest going on right there. it’s beautiful outside, great time to go up and see the leaves and try the food. but also i think this i



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