The School Nutrition Association of CT makes a healthy delicious meal of chicken stir-fry.
nutritional meals every day, that is the mission of the snack organization. we are back with tim and loni.o welcom e back and refresh the memories of ourou viewers. what is snack ed. >> school nutrition association of connecticut and it i as part of an organization that over sees school professionals. >> and there is great dishates being made in schools, nutritious dishes. and this is one. >> a garlic senseny stir fly with fresh veggies over nooidles and rice. >> are the kids into this sort of thing? >> they doll enjoy it we do i t all different i was.w we cook it right in front of them so they can thsee the veggies, the chicken. >> the process being done. >> and with the fwood network being so popular, they’re in tune to how fod is cooked and enjoying watching it. >> i’ll bet that is fun for them. you will show us the process now. take us through. what do we start with?we >> we have two



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