Smothered Potatoes

art and soul cafe shares smothered potato recipe
sound good? oday, i’m going to show you how to make a famous smothered potato. the first thing you got to do, make sure the skillset real hot so it doesn’t stick. you don’t want to put too much oil. just enough to saturate the skillet. because these are going to be steamed, not fried. they start out fried but wound up steamed. you slice the potatoes. not too thin. you want is to get a bite to them. this want to — always drain my water. just about warm enough. not as warm as like it. turn it up a little bit. ?? then i’m going to add — these are onions, bell peppers which gives it about 80% of the flavor. lots of onions. i like lots of onions because to me, onions are so flavorful. i’m going to add a little seasoned salt. so this is the only salt you’ll be adding. so want enough to kind give it the a flavor. garlic powder, black pepper for more of a bite. and we do like it spicey. and ge



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