Smoke House Burger & Big Apple Shake

We’re cooking Smoke House Burger & Big Apple Shake in the kitchen with Chef Jason Sugarman from Johnny Rockets.
go to the kitchen. speaking of someone that needs a makeover. >> ben boy, sought, paw. johnny rocket is here making your number 12 burger. >> johnny rockets making a a number 12 panned a smoke house. >> tell me about the number 12 and smoke house. >> number 12 is cheddar cheese, sargento , white onion, o the pickle s and hamburger ofbu course, and the redd sauce, which is off the camera right now, but that’s bt’ pretty muchpr that, and then the — o f course the smoke house, the barbecue ranch, which is ranch and barbecue, half and h half, and theha onion ring, which you can get at stop and shop. you wantan to bake some at home. get th e baked ones and someom bacon. actually thick smoke house bacon, it’s regular stuff. >> this is the number 12. 12 how many numbers are are there? >> it’s on a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12, and the smoke house is bacon, barbecue ranch and boast have their own u



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