Smith’s Is Giving Back

What to do with meat, veggies, even dairy that are nearing their expiration date? Smith’s is giving them to the Utah Food Bank.
the kitchen looks so good here today on midday. april is earth month. and chef jeff jackson and marcia are here from smith’s food and drug. they are talking about what they are doing to reduce that footprint here with grocery store shopping what you can do. welcome. thank you. nice to be here. you brought a lot of food and this is not i mean this is actually food going to food pantries everything you see here. that’s right. everything that you see here was actually donated by smith’s stores and given to in this instance a bound food pantry fabulous job in providing this food that they collect from our stores to families in need. and what jeff is going to show us a little by the here is what you can do with the food if you’re family in need you pick up 42ed food pantry how can you make nutritious male perishable product. dairy produce, fruit. bakery items. so, this is stuff that’s not put



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