Smiley Chows Down

smiley chows down
chitchatting. you know. >> i wonder if he took a shower this morning. he looked rough. >> yeah. he smells of bacon and celery. >> oh, well. >> hopefully we check back in. i can’t wait to hear monday how everything went. >> you brought a guest today to my show. >> this is chef hardesty from recess. here in town. it is a good restaurant. i go there often. he has a great treat for us. have you ever had a cow taco? i’m sorry. i messed it up. i’m so, s nervous. a tongue taco. >> it definitely — >> it is here. this is it right here. this is what you have been waiting for. tell us about this tongue. where did it come from? hoosier tongue? >> it is from jasper, indiana. fisher farms beef tacos. you know, it is sounding a lot better in spanish. yeah, tongue taco in spanish. >> yeah. >> a staple. >> underneath that skin is the delicious meat. >> there it is. >> oh. >> the poor cow. it is a beauti



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