Smart Snacking

Hectic schedule? No time for lunch? Now, there is no need to feel guilty about snacking! Nutrition consultant, Elizabeth Ward, is here with tips on how to snack smarter and incorporate mini-meals into our diets.
>> welcome back, everyone. say goodbye to guilty snacking. grab and go foods don’t have to be bad for you if you know what to look for. let’s be honest, we all bite into something we shouldn’t be eating. here to show us wholesome mini meal snacks on the go, and author, elizabeth ward is here to help us feel better. >> good morning. >> many of us lead ery hectic schedules. how does this affect your dietary habits here? >> a busy life usually means unhealthy meals and snacks. i think as long as you’re shopping on a regular basis and you have the healthy ingredients in the house, you’re going to do much better with healthy eating. >> what changes do we need to make in our diets? >> we need to make sure that the mini meals have protein and finer in them. i have a great example for you that i do at home. these sargento cheese snacks, there’s a variety of flavors and you can pair them up with



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