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Hungry? Get HUGE barbeque sandwich for 50% off! Smart Shoppers can save big and enjoy a tasty meal at either of this BBQ restaurant’s two Valley locations
it’s always a good time for a barbecue. it’s even better when you can get it at a great price. jackie monroe has the deal of the day that will have you licking your fingers. >> reporter: are you in the mood for some yummy barbecue or a great brisket sandwich because it’s deal of the day. you have two valley locations. tell me a bit about your barbecue. you say something about the secret is in the sauce. >> that’s right. i’m from memphis, tennessee. memphis is known for some of the best barbecue around. it’s in the flavor and the smoke. >> you say you slow cook it. >> that’s right. we slow cook everything. >> when it comes to dessert it’s always sweet potato pie. >> sweet potato pie and the sock it to me pound cake. >> tell me about the sandwiches. >> the brisket is $7.20. the pulled pork is $6.80. >> you have other types of sandwiches. the reason why i keep talking about sandwiches is be



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