Smart Eating Through The Holidays

Dietician Meg O’Rourke shares tips on what to eat and stay away from during the holidays.
out. >> the holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends, but if we make smart eating choices, we can eat without gaing too much pounds joing us today is dietician meg o’rourke. >> is it true that the average person gains 5 pounds between thanksgiving and newan year’s? >> there are studies that show that most people gain about 5 pounds. there are other studies that show some people gain s up to 10 pounds thughout the year. but 50% of those calories are 5 pounds, will be gained during the holidays, so what i usually u tell my clients is, try and stay the same, from s december 1 to january 1. don’t try and lose, because itec just is — it’s almost impossible this time of year. >> so the majority of the weight is like the last two months of ofthe year, so what are some tips to stay on track, you know, throughout the holidays. >> well, the first thing you want to do is if you’re goin



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