Small Food Cart Causes Controversy

A small food cart is causing a controversy in Lawrence.
(christa)a small food cart is causing some big controversy in lawrence. (mark) jake peterson explains why this hot dog stand — is such a hot topic among businesses and some city leaders. 3 nats 3014 “its a great little cart have a cooler here.”jason mandel and his friends came up with the idea about two years ago..but they couldn’t actually do it. lawrence didn’t allow vendors after 9pm but the students got the ordinance changed to allow vendors until the morning hours.3142 “half the reason i’m doing this is i’m a business major and you learn about this in class and i’d actually try to run a business” they took on city hall and won the battle, but not the war. the k-u juniors still need a city issued license. 31:19 “now we just have gone through the steps of getting the permit we have the cart insurance we started an llc.”once word got out about what the young entrepreneurs were trying



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