Slow Roasted Coulotte Steak

We’re cooking Green Pepper Glazed Slow Roasted Coulotte Steak with Julian’s Restaurant.
court.ur exciting stuff. let’s head over tole the kit ken. patrick. >> mike mccue from julian’s n’ has literally moved. it looks like you moved your entire restaurant here. r you’re going tore cook up some pepper — i want to si ayay this right. green peppern raised, slow roasted steak. >> we have the steaks right here, it’s a cut that’s right before the sirloin in the steak, so it’s thinn er, it’s very nice, juicyy cut, really nice marbling m in it, so what we’re actually going to do is get one of thosef going right now, in the pan, we’re going to roast it. >> something looks — >> we have a little bit of duck on the back burner there, to fry the fries, but in is going to be basically a take on the steaks, a french dip and we’re going to start it off with just a little kosher salt here, get these in the oeven, so when we come back, they’ll be nice and roasted. >> you can fin the ingredi



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