Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes
a good 2 dozen sandwiches, maybe even nor. i’m going to start browning that meat. i’ve got 4 pounds of gulf ground beef, picked up at festivals. i love their meat department there. victor and the gang are great at the west side store, the one i go to. and i just want to get that ground beef browning. everybody keeps telling me that this tool — i usually use — to get my ground beef going, a potato masher because that’s what i had. but then everyone told me about this little thing called a chop and stir or something. so i’m going to give it a try today. i know they have at cook’s corner. you get them around town. thanks for all the e-mails, people telling me you’ve got to try this new gadget. i’m giving it a try finally. so that’s really the hardest part of this resfy, getting the — recipe, getting the ground beef going and crumbly. to that ground beef i’m going to add 2 cups of finally



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