Sliders Grill And Bar

Get inducted into the Sliders Hall of Fame.
the wholewn thing, it isg free. ee here to show us what goes intoto the hall of famer, dan rowe and anthony fulton from slider’s grill and bar. guys, welcome back. thank you foran being here. slider ‘s in p’slainville. >> that’s r ight. s >> you ha ve three locations on gaughan between all three. >> i go betwen plainville, sothington every day. >> what are the ingredients? >> it is two hits — >> he is ge ting ready. >> it starts with a whole hamburger bun and we go with — >> four patties. >> four patties, pulled pork, chilly, french fries, onion rings — ri >> theyh go national burger,er parts of it. >> yes. we don’t want t’to make it easy. >> lettuce, tomato. >> onions>> and pickles. >> three cheeses. >> american, cheddar and swiss, and then bacon. >> and youa mentioneded chili. >> th e best things in the kitchen. start with a handful of french fries, pile them on there. >> if you eat



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