Sliders Gets Ready For MLB Rivalry

Sliders Grill and Bar is known for its major league burgers. Dan is back to show Connecticut Style the secret of his Sliders mini-burgers.
favorite hometown sports bar. >> sliders grill and bar known for major league burgers. dan back to show us the secret of slider’s mini burgers. >> welcome back. >> today we’re talking about the big rivalry and the red sox ned to step it up a little bit. >> hopefully not. >> exactly. we’ve got yankees fans in the kitchen. >> i will represent for the red sox. i got you covered. >> it is only fair to have equal representation. any predictions? >> yankees will win all four. >> easy, now. >> when people come to sliders in a big group, the mini burgers are the way to go. >> they’re perfect for sharing in a a group of people. they come — we have chicken minis, we have hamburger minis and we just started the crab cake minis this wek that is a brand new item. >> that is going to be really hot. >> they’re fantastic. >> everybody can have those. >> let’s asemble. >> a contest to assemble for speed



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