Sleigh Bed Sangria

Bartender Valerie Mullins of Cowesett Inn shows viewers how to make the holiday drink “Sleigh Bed Sangria.”
enjoy the magic even after the 25th. for “the rhode show,” i’m daniel le north. >> the 12 drinks of 1 chrisintmas and each day we’re going to s ghow you a fun and festive driunnk f that you can give your guests this season. joing me today is valeriee mu mulllens of cowesett inn. she and i were in the same picture with cardi’s. it has all the 12 drinks of christmas lined up inst that circular. today we’re making one ofki them. which is this. >> we’re going to make the sleigh bed alexandria. >> — sleigh bed sangria. >> we have a lot of stuff going s on. help me. >> we’re going to start off, if you’re making it at home, use a pitcher or a punch bowl, you’re going to start off with four partsrt of red grape juice. >> very nice. >> you’ll add in one par pink grapefruit juice. >> nice. >> and one part orange juice. >> very juicy. >> very juicy. ok. we have a little lime concentrate. >> smell



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