Slap Your Mama Pound Cake

Sonia Grant started making pound cakes for her friends and it has now become her business.
you’ve had grandmother’s pound cake you’ve not had it at all.a they say it is so good, you, wil want t o slap your mama. welcome from slap yourm mama pound cake, ladies, welcome toe the show. >> thank you. >> it has aha catchy name so much so, sonia is in the wings cracking up laughing. it is literally wonderful. >> it is a catchy name. >> tel us how the name came about. >> when i was a little girl i would go downwo south and tellte my grandmother. i said grandmother, this cake is so good it make i want wto slap a youryo mama so we kept the name. >> now, tellte us a little bit about, like you’re friends, you’ve been friends over a decade. >> yes. >> how did it come out you teamed up to invent slap your ma? >> it came for me in a dream. i was sleeping and said jackie, i want do something, i don’t know what, and so she said cake, sonia, you need do cake. so i came up with grandma’s homemad



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