Slab Bacon, Blue Cheese & Tomato Salad

This morning in The Rhode Show Kitchen we’re cooking up Slab Bacon, Blue Cheese & Tomato Salad with Chef CJ Correnti of Providence Prime.
which is spanish for kitchen.it patric k, what havepa you got? >> we’re heree’ with c.j. from of pro dense prime and — providence primeov and it’s slab bacon salad,, or you can call it a triple bypass special ae nd thess meat, it smells good, looksd, good. temperature us about what you are cooking upere. >> we’re cooking up an apple smoked baconsm b sam add with blue cheese, tomatoes, and balsamicnd dressing. .>> that right there thathe yo tu’re looking at, that’s bacon. before it looks liket sik bacon. >> that’s a slab bacon. >> ok. k.what d o you do there, you carthve y that up?th >> we’re going to cutng it upup into i a inch thick slices, we’ll put w it right on the broiler,il get it nice golden crispy, layer it with spiced tomatoes and balsamic reduction anded crumbled blue cheese. >> it smells so good inls here right now. elizabeth was worried about the greens in the salad a snd al



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