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festival foods. check it out. >> we like to talk about the sks line of breads today. sks as you may know sands for sidney and kennedy somethingen, the owner’s daughter. skogan. today we have here 13 different varieties of breads. these are all made in-house, they’re an artisan bread. they’re made with the finest ingredients. i have here before us 2 of the top sellers. this is a wisconsin 5 cheese, there is 5 different cheeses in there from wisconsin. and these are all made daily. 3 times a day. and the other one here is a garlic oscraigo. these are the toll sellers — top sellers, so far. we have a great line. we have a wheat french, a crusty french. there is a mustard dill, olive loaf, crusty italian, a wisconsin 5 cheese, a crusty roma, a sour dough, hot pepper and corn loaf as well. we have a multi grain also. these will be found in — throughout our stores. they’re either in the case



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