SkinnyFATS Shows Off Their Healthy And Happy Menu

SkinnyFATS talks about dishes that are healthy and happy for you
magnesium, la nutrient found in migraine attacks. 41 percent. finally, watermelon can help you stay hydrated since dehydration fis a common cause of headaches. speaking of healthy food, our next guest has found a happy medium between health food and food that tastes good. executive chef mike from skinny fat is here with a new take on tacos. my comment gets much for joining us. >> thank you. >>kendall: you have some good-looking food out there. when we starting with today? >> today we’re going to start off with some juice. over at skinny fat we have our own coldpressed using. we will let you taste one of our most popular juices. it’s called the green mile. this has a little bit of apple, celery, kale and lots of other good stuff in there. >>kendall: i like this. >> we are going to feature one of our healthy items. we actually have two sides to the many. we have the healthy sign and we als



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