Skinny Mixes – Diet Cocktail Mixes

Local woman has created fat free and sugar free cocktail mixes
of “who cares? ” >> well. >>> this is something you may care about. summer is the benefit time to enjoy an adult beverage by the pool but far too often it has too many calories. >> a local woman may have the answer to that problem. ?? >> raise a glass and toast the day and look at your gut, right? why is there always the downside or in this case, the supersize? >> and then i just shake. >> she is trying to ease the pain and the gain with skinny mixes >> skinny mixes because they’re sugar free and zero to five calories. >> it was simple — come up with a mix for cosmopolitans, appletinis and margaritas that doesn’t have the calorie punch and she found it. >> the cosmo and skinny appletini has zero and skinny margarita, five calories. >> it actually took over a year at a food laboratory to come up with the right formula. >> i had a panel of people over, you know, friend, family, who i coul



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