Skinny Cook Allison Fishman

Skinny Cook Author and Co-host of “Cook Yourself Thin” Allison Fishman chats with Andi.
2nd at clooz memorial hall. check this out. this is a wait weighty cook book. it says you can trust a skinny cook. what did you say earlier? >> tracy: never go to a bald barber. it’s an adage, but maybe a skinny cook is not eating so much because maybe they’re not as good at it. >> andi: and what we’re looking at here are healthy recipes. you can eat healthy, and it can still taste great. >> tracy: and we know chefs come in all shapes and sizes. >> andi: and here is any favorite section, desserts. there are 50 pages of just deserts. >> tracy: all right,. >> andi: all right,ll right this, is all the good stuff. i’m going to talk to– >> tracy: i’m go to have some sahms coffee cake. >> andi: save some. do not eat it all. >> tracy: fine, i’ll save you one. >> andi: we have allison, the author of “you can trust the skinny cook” despite what people might be saying, we can trust you. why can w



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