Sin Is In

Beverage producers’ earnings beat analyst estimates. (Bloomberg News)
of beverages have been serving occupy big returns for investors. heineken in germany beat estimates in the first half. let’s go now to adam johnson for more. >> sin apparently is in. the heineken numbers are actually unbelievable. up about 7%. they blew away estimates. earnings growth, about 20%. overnight australia’s foster’s beer also beat in big numbers. if you start to read through press releases. you realize what is going on. a lot of things happening in the industry. there were two upgraced of diagio. they make a number of the high-end liquors. number one, destocking is over. they drew their inventories down during the recession. that is over. that means more sales going forward. number two, emerging markets. 50% of the growth in spirits comes from the emerging market and for beer, it is 80%. pretty critical numbers. and of course evaluations. they are trading about 14 times in ter



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