Simply Suppers / Book By Jennifer Chandler

Quick & Easy Food You Can Get On the Table in No Time Flatn(and that your entire family will actually eat!)nMake Family Suppers Happy Time Once More
Suppertime and most moms say it’s a struggle to get their kids to the dish table. Don’t des pairks jennifer is here with her new book called “simply suppers,” She says happiness can return to the family supper table. Welcome to the morning blend.nnThanks for having me, bill.nnI love that you dedicated this to your favorite people to enjoy supper with. Paul, hanna, and sara, no doubt they know about your no fail favorite family recipes, if you can tell us about, great book.nnThey sure do. I have to tell people i may be a cookbook author but i’m a mom first so i understand the struggles of getting dinner on the table. It’s a dilemma we, all of us face whether we have children or no children or whether we work or whether we’re stay at home morjs everyone has to say what am i going to have for supper tonight. So that is why i write simply suppers not only to help y’all but also to help me.nn



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