Simple Stunning Parties At Home

Karen Bussen’s book, Simple Stunning Parties at Home: Recipes, Ideas, and Inspirations for Creative Entertaining, details 12 complete plans for four different kinds of parties: cocktail gatherings, casual suppers, formal dinners and daytime get-togethers. Each plan includes food and drink menus (with recipes) as well as decor and music suggestions.
>> backyard parties in summer, they go together so well. new york event planner and author of simple stunning parties karen join is us live from new york. she’ll show us how to show a stunning garden party here in tucson without breaking the bank. thanks for being with us. >> i’m so happy to be here. let’s jump right in. i personally think it’s time to party. the weather is wonderful. you can take it outside or inside. i’ve got great dishes. i think the menu is really the centerpiece to a great garden party. should we jump right into the tasty details? >> absolutely. show us what you’ve got. >> okay. so i like to start off my garden party with two really exciting stylish appetizers. they’re really easy to make. they’re both immediamade with pepperidge farm puffed pastries. if you’ve got a wheel of brie cheese and you know how to fold your laundry, you can make this dish. it’s three ingre



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