Simple Leftover Recipes

Don’t let your Thanksgiving leftovers go to waste, create new, appetizing meals
>>> thanks for joing us this morning day. our goal is to keep it smart and simple. so first of all we would reich to say happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> that’s right. and hopefully you are going to be enjoying or if you haven’t already enjoyed a wonderful turkey. while we are speak of thanksgiving you are probably getting ready to go for seconds or thirds when it comes to those turkey dinner, thanksgiving dinner. as a good meal today, it may not be so tempting by the weekend. what do you do with your left overs? >> we like to make a lot of fresh pasta so we do a lot of turkey soup with pasta. >> we have turkey sandwiches, up to soup, you maim, it we have it all. >> it looksic you all are ready to transform your turkey as well. she makes six different flavor var cases of freezer me. she makes french, italian, plainishen, buffalo blue cheese. all totally amazing. those sound



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