Simple Cocktail Party

De Wolf Tavern restaurant owner Kate Turners shows viewers how to make simple cocktail drinks.
to add to it. we need cocktails and for that we go to elizabeth. >> we w do. d thanks, vince. since dewncolf is throwing a cocktail party, joining me now from dewolf is restaurant manager, katema turner, who is going to show us three different d drinks that are specialties at dewolf . what are we going to do. >> we’re going to do a bloody mary and lawrence is going to fix us a shrimp cocktail to go with it and my ding room specialty sangria. >> let’s start with s the bloody mary. >> we’ll take vodka, whatever you like, we’re going to use gray goose, chili spice. >> and this is kind of a great brunch drink.ri >> it’ss super any type of day. people like bloodye maries. especially for a cocktail party, if you ‘re going to throw shrimp cocktail on th e rim, it’s a great way to go. >> that’s a good idea, because it becomes halfomha appetizer, half drink. >> so we just have a little tripepper



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