Simmons Farm Pork Chops

We’re cooking Simmons Farm Pork Chops (Portuguese Style) in The Rhode Show kitchen with Chef Jonathan Cambra of Newport Restaurant Group .
on foxprovidence.com.ro for now, we’ll head overd to the kitchen.tc >> i’m joined by chef jonathan cambra fromro the newport restaurant group wreith aro cornucopia of local producedu and meats and eggs and everything and this is all stuffth that you can get right now, right? >> definitely. that’s theme this morning, is everything that rhode deisland has to offer in the middle of february,, you know. k >> it’s amazing. ng look at all this stuff, we have corn and apples and potatoes and milk.mi apple cider. er i love applele cider.er tell me how we’ree going to use these ingredients in our pork chops today. >> well, wee have of the pork chops from afr couple different farms here in rhode island, from hill farm and simmons farm, and we’re going to highlight really the essence is highlight the ingredients on what we can find through the farmers — at the farmers market,ke and in our restaura



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