Signature Skirt Steak W/ Kalbi Marinade

We’re cooking Signature Skirt Steak with Kalbi Marinade and Summer Salad with Avocado with SHRINE Asian Kitchen Lounge and Nightclub.
court. >>> head over to the kitchench right now, patrick. >> kevin longin from shrine at foxwoods is joing us. good morning, kevin.mo it smells reallyly, really good in here. we have got some steak and a bunch of other stuff you arest going to put on the ste takhe. tell me about the recipe. >> t>>onight — today we are going to do a little skirt steak and a big sellingig item do you know the shrine. s beautiful, natural skirt steak. very simple, quick marinade ad that is extremely tasty and we are going to do a kind of aki summery salad with it. >> what is some of the ith stuff in the salad a we look at the a steak.ea the stuff for the steak. i am going to go out on a t limb there.er that an a avocadodo. >> yes, an avocado . >> pretty good for a monday. >> avocado, cabbage, napa cabbage, shaped differentlyha. serve your barbecue steak stwithwi potato salad and a littlee japanese riff. >>



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