Signature Cocktail

Signature cocktail
>> how do you make this? >> it’s springtime, so i love to use fresh ingredients, and it really makes a difference. stay away from premade mixes in stores. this is really fresh and wonderful. raspberries, fresh. we want to mudle. you get the tension out, to, by muddling. some fresh lime juice. squeeze it in. you just feel better using fresh ingredients. you get inspired. >> it really does make such a big difference. imagine raspberry syrup. >> no good. i don’t like drinks that are overly sweet. since it’s a cocktail at the beginning of the evening, i don’t want to kill the palate, so i don’t make it really sweet. the raspberry is sweet enough. >> need some ice? >> and some vodka. >> i’ll do that. >> you have a good hand. have you done this before? >> i have in fact. for many years, yes. >> and add a little garnish. >> what is this caled? >> whatever we want. that’s the whole point of your



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