Siena Golf Club

While most people are shoveling snow, Siena Golf Club is in full swing! From tournament golf to weddings to amazing cuisine, they have it all! Dao & Shawn spoke with Troy Anderson and Executive Chef Dan Concepcion of Siena Bistro to talk everything from golf courses, to food courses…
you can learn the skill. >> dao: first, while folks invale, breckenridge and love land shovel snow we’re hitting the links. things are in full swing. >> shawn: whether letter a you’re a golfer or getting married, something always going on. how to find what there is, troy anderson of sienna golf club and the executive chef at sienna bistro. i’ve been sweating the food in front of us. awesome. first of all, where are you located. >> sienna golf club is between tropicana and flamingo avenue near the spring mountain range into tell us about the awards you have won. >> course of the year in 2009 and 2010. from the golf course owners association of in evidence. nevada. in efforts for water conservation, prices and activeness with junior golf. >> shawn: you’re making, chef, this awesome — >> i’m making a ahi tuna. >> tell me about the awesomeness. >> it’s the number one ahi tuna from a local s



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