Shrimp Scampi Appetizer

Shrimp Scampi Appetizer
as an appetizer thispp morning, but you guys make it as a past is a dish and we’re going gto make basil aioli, and a lot l of peoplee are growing basil in theirir gardens and you can put this in a sandwich.a >> we’re going to putut it on portabella mushrooms. >> let’s get started. >> >> we’re going to put the shrimpmp in there and dump the whole thing in there. >> easy enough. >> everything i do is predicated upon what y wou do. >> if she messes up. >> i’m in trouble. >> so we have the shrimp. >> then we’re going toput garlic. >> a little bit of garlic. how much?ch >> a tablespoon. the more the better. >> that’s how i t think. that’s how vince thinkse too. >> there you go. this is our trinity mix, it’s a blend of red crushed peppers and other spices. >> there you go. >> that’s good. >> and>> extra virginir olive oil. >> the exvoo. >> and a little salt and pepper mix. >> this is easy. sal



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