Shrimp Pasta Primavera

Shrimp pasta primavera prepared by My City Kitchen
>> “my city kitchen” imys a terrific organization that gets kids jazzed about making healthy food choices and they do this by teaching them where the foode comes from and how ts o prowepare it. joing me again is kashia cave, the founder of “my city kitchen”en and her son brandon. how are new. >> i’m doing great, thank you. >> brandon, nice to see you. >> how you doing? >>> we have the camp going on in “my city kitchen”, tell us about the camp and some other things the camp does with kids and ting properly. ly >> “my city kitchen” is about teaching kids about eating healthy, where the food comes from, how to prepare it and incorporating exercise with eating healthy. you have to work out and have balance, as well. so “my city kitchen” camp is just what it is. we partner with many different organizations to make this camp a success forcc g firls and boys, as well. go to the meriden ymca to



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