Shrimp Pakora With Sweet Chili Sauce

We’re cooking Shrimp Pakora with Sweet Chili Sauce with DeWolf Tavern.
kitchen right nowki with patrick.tr >> chef>>ch lawrence brown frome dewolf tavern joing us forer day one of wedding week. are you married? >> not yet. n >> you do some research thish week as you watchou wedding week and you can decide if you want to get married. g >> there you go. >> what have you got, schrimp pakora. >> this is actually a vllery popularpo appetizer that’s on our menu for we had ,” so it’s definitely a crowd pleaser, gluten free, you have a lot of picky eaters, a lot of peopleeo watching diets and things of that sort. it’s a nice pickup, it,’s easy to eat, so it’s going to beng good.. >> red hot lemon, rice flour, you read the rest. >> >> basin flour, it’s a grain flour, it’s from the wheat, just the grain, that fine grain, that’s all. at ll>> dewolf tavern, place topl get married down t hererr in bristol, right on the waterfront. >> all tllhe nice sunsets, saying i do



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