Shrimp Jefferson

We’re cooking Shrimp Jefferson in the kitchen with Chef Jim Mitchell from The Iron Works Tavern.
that. >> speaking of rocking out, let’s go to patrick he’s in the backyard with ourr backyard barbecue. >> we’re with chef jamesf mitchell with iron workswo on jefferson boulevard, we call you have mitch, everyoneev knows you as mitch the chef.ch what are we making? >> we’ll be preparing an item te from our appetizer menu, called shrimp jefferson, essentially shrimp simos minimummerred, um light live poached in a gorgonzola sauce, today we’re going to pair it with fillet steak, so that’s an item we feature past a surf and turf entree special, uponee occasion in the restaurant. >> apparently, this little yellow jacket likes your surf of and turf. get out of ht ere. you can’t have h any, buddy. now he’s got a friend. talk about the fee fewerred menu items there. >> well, we in the afternoon, we have a bar bite section, we are offering appetizers, value economy appetizers, we have a little



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