Shrimp Fajitas

Shrimp fajitas
on them. and cinco de mayo, rhiannon is in the kitchen with the food dude, kevin roberts, preparing tasty shrimp fahitas and his special dip of doom. take a look. >> look, kevin. it is time to get this party started. >> rhiannon, you seemed fired up about the cinco de mayo feast we are go to make. >> a tip, mexican food, my absolute favorite. let’s get going. >> very tasty. sweet chile shrimp fahitas. oil in the pan, garlic, a little salt going. stir that up. red spatula, means it is heat proof. >> that means it is safe. >> onions — >> all of them? >> yeah. >> green, orange peppers. >> i love a little color. >> and it is all about the color. shrimp — >> they go in last. >> yes. they always cook the quickest. make the onions and the green peppers and red peppers tender, shrimp nice and orange, cooked through. >> about how long? >> probably five to seven minutes over high heat. you will



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