Shrimp & Crab With Brandy Cream Sauce

Shrimp & Crab with Brandy Cream Sauce
why does it matter to use a shot? >> it is sweeter. it is milder. — what does it matter to say shallot? >> it is a blend between garlic and onion. we add some butter. >> ok. i thought it was all going in there. >> this is my boss. he taught me everything i know. seven years, eight years. >> that is a long time. >> you have made this dish along time. >> we had so many quarters the other night. >> you have a lot of practice. — you read so many orders the other night. >> i am relaxed. i can handle this. >> i noticed the brandy bottle was already opened. i am kidding. we have water going for the pasta. >> you take the shots and 80 — you take the shallots and add the butter. you do not want to burn them. >> you say caramelize. >> it is a slow process. you want to cook them down to bring out the sugar. ” we’re not going to caramelize these. >> we add the brandy. >> dominic has warned 1/2 to



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