Shrimp, Chourico And Corn Chowder

We cooked two types of chowder as The Schwepps Great Chowder Cook-Off kicks off this weekend.
the kitchen with our good friend, michael canata from the newport restaurant group and we are talking about, what is it the 28th annual cookoff. >> 28th. >> and we’ve got danielle north. >> we’re ready to have a show down. >> she started some chowder over there. we’re getting ready to have a cookoff between her and i. we have just the base and michael is going to tell us what we’re going to do and how to separate the two. >> the two are already separated. i separated them for you guys. over here, we have pa little charisse and shrimp. the butter is both melted so it’s simmering down. you have a little bit of flour to make the roux. just a few inches, just to give it a little thickness. >> my father is a big cook and he’s taught me a lot about the roux. getting the roux just right. i have a slight advantage on that, but i’m sure you’ll catch up. >> i have no advantage. i’m an italian male



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