Shrimp And Lobster Pasta

Shrimp and Lobster Pasta
your thoughts and we will get they will on the air. >> one more note about the “glee” think, i think it is the pop question. more on that later. right now i’m suiting up in the catch. executive chef matt scott is here. how are you, matt? >> i’m good. >> i’m excited about what we are going to eat. the first thing we do is tell the folks the ingredients that wil appear on your screen and we will put them on the website. clearly we are using shrimp and lobster. >> cold water locks terror from — lobster from maine. fresh baby dispatch. garlic. heavy cream. fettuccine. butter unsalted. tomatoes. fresh basil and salt and pepper mixture. >> i thought those were red peppers and they are fire roasted tomatoes. what is the first thing we do? i know you have the water going for the pasta already. >> first thing, get the water going for the pasta. >> do you put oil in or salt? >> salt and pepper. a



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