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Here at the Morning Blend, its Wine Time!
twitter at omahamorningblend.com.com. >> mike? >> hey mary going out? get shout we are welcoming our friends from “shout weekly” back to “the morning blend” as we do every thursday and their magazine keeps you up to date and we are joined by threus and paul talking about packing the perfect picnic basket.?รง >> that’s right. as the featured writer at the wine room he has your three sections. selections. perfect. >> perfect, huh? what selections do you have? >> just making sense to be out of doors portable fresh that works well with nebraska summers july can be a little rough when you are outdoors. >> and something to combat the heat, huh? we have a hivachi wine. >> which one is that? >> we’ll start there. this is from italy and polopitini and rolling kills. and you think of most of the tapous food that comes from that region so boulinaise and apartmenta san — parmasean, for example. >>



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