Should Grocery Stores Carry Wine?

Budget amendments from Governor Paterson would bring wine to the supermarket shelves of New York State as a revenue raiser for Albany.
paterson would bring wine to the supermarket shelves of new york state as a revenue raiser for albany. but will the move put the mom and pop liquor stores out of business? news 4’s don postles is asking 4 you. the buffalo common council held a public hearing this afternoon to get input on the governor’s plan to let supermarkets sell wine. the governor says it would raise 162 million dollars next year in a state franchise fee. some state wineries like the idea, saying it would expand their distribution to the public. some argue that paterson’s bill will not only increase their distribution but would create new jobs at state wineries. (( i don’t think anybody has really talked about the potential job growth for the wineries in ny state. we’re talking about how many jobs we’ll lose in liquor stores, it always, always comes down to that.)) and that’s why liquor store owners are mounting a pr



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