Shortbread Cookies

David Leite shows Teresa his shortbread cookie recipe
christmas is almost here… and if you bake cookies for family and friends every veyear, bur,t want to try something different… we’ve got a great recipe for you today. david leite is a food writer and the author of ‘the new portugeuse table’… he’s back with us today… hi, david…3 tell me about the holidays at your house… what are some . traditions your family has?r 3 and you brought a great recipe wipeth you today — holiday short bread cookies. let’s get started.3 now this recipe is very versatile… you can do a lot of different things withfe these cookies (dip in different kinds of chocolate, color them, add chopped nuts, c.) for the viewe who haven’t seen it before… tell us website, leite’s culinaria.com.3 wow, these are great… david leite, thanks for being here. and you can get this recipe on our and you can get 3 this recipe on o ur website… just go to uswtnh.com and



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