Short Ribs

Short ribs
decorations like potted basil. check out “midwest living” magazine on store shelves now. >>> want a delicious meal in half the time? pressure cooking is an easy way to do just that, and today we’re learning how to make delicious short ribs in just 30 minutes. >> today we’re going to make short ribs in the pressure cooker. i have it set to the browning feature, and i’m going to heat about one tablespoon of olive oil, and i have short ribs which i’ve seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper. i’m just going to put them in there and let them get a nice golden color in there. turn them every few minutes so they brown evenly. and you could skip this step if you wanted to and just go ahead straight to sauteeing the onions. i like to brown any meats before i make any sort of a stew just because those bits at the bottom add a little flavor and get those flavors into the final dish. ok. we’re



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